Rental Application Information

Friars Court offers market-rate and affordable apartment rentals. They're the same great apartments in the same fantastic community, but there are differences in the rental application, eligibility criteria, and monthly rent. Which one is the best fit for you?

Affordable apartments offer reduced rent for applicants meeting the income restrictions listed below. If your household's gross annual income over the next year will be at or less than the amount shown for your household size, then you will qualify for a rental rate that matches your income level (50% AMI, 60% AMI, or market rate), as indicated by the color coded charts below. Please note, the  RED ,  BLUE , and  GREY  rows on the Maximum Annual Income Chart correspond to the same color rows on the Monthly Rent Chart. For example, if your income is at or less than the amount shown in the blue row for your household size, then you are eligible for the rental rates shown in the blue row on the Monthly Rent Chart below. Please contact us if you have any questions about your eligibility for affordable apartment rentals. 

Maximum Annual Income Per Household Size*
One Person Two Person Three Person Four Person Five Person Six Person
$38,400 $43,850 $49,350 $54,800 $59,200 $63,600
$46,080 $52,620 $59,220 $65,760 $71,040 $76,320
Market-rate apartments have no income limits and rent is the full market rate
Monthly Rent*
1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom
$1,028 $1,233
$1,147 - $1,233 $1,480
$1,300 $1,550 - $1,600
*Income limits and monthly rental rates are subject to change without notice. Household income must exceed 2.5 times the rent and utilities.
For more information or if you or a family member has a disability or limited English proficiency, and as a result need assistance completing the application and/or require any assistance during the application process, please contact us.

My household meets these income limits!

Congratulations, this is an exciting first step to securing affordable housing for your household. The next step is to fully complete and submit your affordable rental application. Please do not delay as availability for our affordable apartments is limited. Once we've received your application, we'll work to certify your application for these limited opportunities based on the order the application is received. Don't miss your chance to qualify and save!

Rental Application PDF

Download the Rental Application PDF above, or contact us to request an application be mailed to you. Please be sure to include your complete name and address.

My income is over the limits listed in the chart...

Does your household exceed the income limits listed in the chart above? There are also market-rate rental opportunities, and you can complete your rental application online today - just click the link below.

The monthly rents for market-rate apartments are:

  • 1-Bedroom: $1,300
  • 2-Bedroom: $1,550 - $1,600

Market-Rate Rental Application

(Online Application)

Apply Today - Do Not Delay!
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